CPD Overview

This system is free to use for all members of the Faculty of Public Health and to non-members who are subscribing to the CPD scheme. It enables you to keep a record of your CPD activities and your Personal Development Plan (PDP) each year and submit your annual CPD return and portfolio (once selected for audit) online. From 1 April 2016, it is mandatory for all members to enter their CPD activities in the online CPD diary. It is advisable to record CPD activities as they are completed rather than at the end of the CPD year.

From 2015, your annual CPD return must be with the Faculty no later than 30 April. This is the return which states how many CPD credits you will be claiming for the previous year. In earlier years participants had until June 30th to submit their annual returns or claim exemption from CPD. This change brings forward the audit process so that those selected for audit will not be submitting during the main holiday season and will receive their results earlier.

How to use the FPH online system

Under This year’s CPD activities you will find all your entries for the current year with a credit total.

Under All CPD activities you can view your entries from previous years. These entries can be sorted by year or keyword by using the ‘Filter’ function on this page.

To add new activities to your online diary during the year go to New CPD activity. Please note that the cut-off date for entering a CPD activity for each CPD year is 30 April. For example for entering new CPD activities for 2016-17 the cut-off date is 30 April 2017. Once the activity has been entered it will appear immediately under This year’s CPD activities.

To submit your CPD return online go to Submit mandatory annual return, select the year and follow the instructions. The deadline for submitting a CPD return is 30 April.

Under PDP overview you are able to keep an electronic record of your Personal Development Plan which is ideally undertaken with a peer as part of, or linked to, your annual appraisal. It should be updated whenever there has been a change – either when a goal is achieved or modified or where a new need is identified. If you wish to add a new PDP item, go to New PDP entry.

For further help please refer to the CPD online diary reference guide or contact cpd@fph.org.uk.

In order to remain in good standing all Faculty members must meet minimum CPD requirements
o either by submitting an annual return
o or by ensuring that the Faculty has formally agreed to your exemption against the criteria. If you need to apply for exemption, please complete the exemption section on the annual return form (portfolio section 4).

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the policy or the online CPD diary, please email cpd@fph.org.uk

If you encounter problems please contact the CPD Administrator.

To help resolve your problem please supply as much of the following information as you can.
o Operating System Used (e.g. Windows XP)
o Browser used and version (e.g. Internet Explorer version 6)
o Email address used – did you receive and respond to the validation email by clicking on the link? (Please give date and time if possible)
o Did you get an email confirming your registration and giving you a password?
o Were you able to log on with this password? If no – please give date and time tried and any error messages.